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My 2014 New Year’s resolution was to find use for the extra space in my massage office. This weight loss program, designed for women, was the result.

Circuit Training Weight Loss Sessions

For the shy and self conscious, one on one sessions can be arranged.
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Cardiovascular Exercise & Strength Training for Weight Loss

I use a circuit training approach. The program is made up of several exercise machines in private rooms. Each machine works a different part of the body. Clients spend x number of minutes or repetitions on one machine before moving to the next. Each machine offers the ability to adjust the level of resistance worked against. This allows clients to make the workout more challenging as their bodies adapt to exercise routines. Equipment without resistance level adjustments would require clients to keep increasing the amount of time they spend on each machine in an attempt to challenge their muscles. That would not be a good approach for most people since lack of time is the reason frequently cited for not exercising. This circuit training program will challenge and workout your body in just 30 minutes. Providing cardiovascular exercise and strength training, this program allows you to lose weight as you get stronger.

Rooms may be used by one person at a time or shared depending on a number of conditions. These conditions include but are not limited to whether or not the user has a free or paid session. Generally, weekly massage clients take precedence when it comes to room selection, scheduling etc.

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