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Lotion Free Trigger Point Pain Relief Massage
Pain Relief Not Fluff

If you have ever paid for a Swedish massage and left the massage session feeling like you’d been massaged by a baby, it’s probably because you got what you paid for but didn’t know what it was. For the most part, Swedish massage is simply lotion on your skin and a few strokes here and there. In many cases, a Swedish massage can feel absolutely fabulous – and address none of your aches and pains. That isn’t the case with the lotion free trigger point massage approach.

The lotion free trigger point approach requires more effort, skill and awareness from your massage therapist. In many cases, areas that need to be treated are not necessarily the areas in which you feel pain. If you’re looking for a massage that provides pain relief as opposed to just the application of lotion onto your skin, try the lotion free trigger point pain relief massage. The lotion free approach allows for precision and control when it comes to locating and working problem areas. Conditions I have successfully treated with this approach are listed here.

It is important to understand that muscle tension, aches and pains are not restricted to the surface of muscle tissue. In order to get some relief, it is necessary to work into the deeper areas muscle tissue. Swedish massage generally piddles around the surface and may leave you feeling like you’ve been scammed.

Payment options:
I prefer cash, will accept checks and don’t want to have to pay credit card fees. If paying in cash, please bring amounts that do not requuire any change.

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